Thursday, December 26, 2013

January's "Coaches Corner" Comments for "Reps and Sets" Devotions

I just finished writing the 62 comments for "Coaches Corner" that is included two times each day in our "Reps and Sets" devotions.
At best I hope you find them useful and encouraging, but at least I hope you find them truthful.

January Coaches Corner
1.      To increase your understanding of the Bible begin to study the scripture instead of just reading it, and then, teach what you have studied.
2.      God supplies the power and ability, but we do the work and develop the gifts and ability.
3.      Your act of service to others is your ministry. There is no failure when others have been served.
4.      You can never be happy if you know you are living in disobedience to God.
5.      Dreams become goals when you identify and define them. These goals can then provide focus, motivation and priorities towards fulfilling those dreams.
6.      If you will manage your time, you will find out you have the time you were needing.
7.      You are spirit, soul and body. A man cannot neglect these. You will need:
      spiritual fellowship with the Lord
      Renewal of your mind with the truth
      Maintenance of a healthy body with diet and exercise. 
8.      Experiencing sorrow is part of life, but never let sorrow oppress you.
9.      Help people smile, do good and speak words filled with hope.
10.  When you think you are right, try to see the other side before you speak.
11.  Opposition exposes weakness and resistance increases strength.
12.  True love does not motivate with guilt or manipulate for self-interest.
13.  Your inner character is real; your reputation is an opinion. Yet, what you are and what people see are both important.
14.  Often the hero is afflicted. 
15.  Refrain from talking about negative things.
16.  Admit your mistakes and correct your errors, and, definitely, don’t try to blame someone else. 
17.  Knowing and recalling truth and reality will help you stand in righteousness and stand against sin.
18.  You still have to do what is right even when someone else is doing things wrong. 
19.  Whatever you do it should be done with faith in God and confidence in yourself, his creation.
20.  You are not right all the time about everything. Everyone knows that. But, can you identify the things you are wrong about right now?
21.  Every choice has consequences and every decision produces a reaction…make it a priority to anticipate consequences and reactions.
22.  Hard work towards an identified goal is the most important component of success. 
23.  Confidence comes from truth and ability; Arrogance is the product of self-centeredness and fear.
24.  There is always a way out of temptation and sin. The lack of an escape route is not the problem with temptation. The problem is lack of desire to see the way out and use the escape route. 
25.  You are unique. Do not settle for being a mere imitation of somebody else.
26.  Jesus altered the course of history and is known today as one of the most influential people of all time. He did this by serving others. And, he taught his core disciples to do the same thing: Serve, not rule.
27.  We live in a big world, so there is an answer, there is a solution and there is a way. Seek, knock and ask until you find it.
28.  You reap what you sow. If you do not like your harvest, start planting different seeds.
29.  Today is 24 hours. This week is seven days. This year is 52 weeks. But, you are eternal and forever is a long, long time.
30.  The first key to self-esteem is obedience to God, and the second is knowing you are living a life with purpose that pleases God. 
31.  Improve your life by simply thinking about things that are accurate, honorable, factual, wholesome, beautiful, excellent, exceptional, and commendable. 
32.  Friends are an important factor concerning your attitude, behavior, direction, motivation and passion.
33.  Do not let yourself be addicted to anything. Maintain control by protecting your freedom to choose…and, then choose life and choose what is right.
34.  Comparing yourself to others is unfair and unproductive. Admiring someone and learning from others is an entirely different thing. 
35.  There is always a price that must be paid for anything of eternal value. Include the cost of suffering into your proposal to be successful and significant. 
36.  It is amazing what you can do when you do what God wants done.
37.  Doing what is right is not always easy. God’s way is not always popular. 
38.  There is power in obedience and great freedom in living righteously.
39.  God’s will for a believer is sometimes identified by their passions.
40.  Just like the sun is still burning on a cloudy day, so it is with God’s will during times of confusion.
41.  Spend more time doing what you are good at.
42.  Don’t waste time. Don’t waste words. Don’t waste emotion.
43.  When you find yourself worrying, stop to ask yourself: What? and, Why?
44.  Some things need to be done adequately instead of excellently. Focus on the things that will make a difference, not on things that consume time and energy.
45.  Sometime identifying the right question is as close to the answer as you can get on this side of history.
46.  Class is in session whenever people are observing you.
47.  Your soul needs wholesome nourishment, just like your body needs healthy food. Think, read, listen, study and watch wholesomeness. 
48.  Success may not be what the world tells you it is.
49.  The most effective way to make change (including in yourself) is to accept and seek responsibility.
50.  Your success produces admiration from some and envy from others. So, if you can, share your success to help reduce the detractors. 
51.  Besides Bible study and prayer, develop personal godliness with spiritually healthy friendships and practice a purposeful ministry.
52.  Everyone fails. Everyone feels disappointed. Everyone could be better. Welcome to reality. The difference is some people move on past failure and feelings to actually become better.
53.  Seek education before entertainment.
54.  It is not a lack of faith to desire to check out a truth or a relationship before getting involved. A long term commitment comes after a progressive series of shorter term commitments have been tested and approved.
55.  As you believe, so are you. Doctrine determines godliness and faith is the basis for behavior.
56.  Try considering what is best for others before you make your decision.
57.  Pray. Pray often. Pray about the good things. Pray about concerns. Pray for others. Pray for yourself. Pray for godliness. Pray for opportunities. Pray to understand. Pray often. Pray.
58.  You must keep going. You must try. If you do not, you cannot.
59.  Besides faith and obedience the most important thing is diligence. Faith. Obedience. Diligence. These three produce results.
60.  Sometimes the answer to the problem, the resolution to the confusion and the source of encouragement in the midst of despair is sleep. Sleep is not a sign of laziness, but an indication of discipline. Really, sometimes you just need to sleep. 
61.  The desire for unnecessary things is a distraction and the worry about non-issues is a waste of emotional energy.
62.  Self-centeredness is as restricting as self-forgetfulness is freeing in the process of accomplishing significant things.  

Galyn Wiemers
Generation Word

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