Thursday, February 27, 2014

Coaches Corner Comments for March

  1. Christianity follows a creed. Religion follows traditions.
  2. 2    Show up! Just be stubborn enough to show up and do it again. This is often the difference between “I tried,” and “I did it.”
    3.    Spend time building strength, instead of waiting until you have to spend time repairing the damage.
    4.    Smile! – You look better; you create a better environment; you invite a positive response; you appear helpful and interested in others.
    5.    Success seeks success, and success follows after success.
    6.    It is likely that no one loves your family, your children, your spouse, etc. as much as you do. So, who will invest time with them if you don’t?
    7.    Every act of kindness is worthy of recognition. Even the smallest gift should earn a “thank you.”
    8.    Christianity can separate the passion of sex from the perversion of sex. Natural man cannot.
    9.    The most influential virtue is thankfulness. It prevents arrogance, avoids discouragement, leads to generosity and honors a source other than self.
    10. Determination and focus achieves greatness.
    11. A teacher is not focused on making themselves great, but is focused on preparing others for greatness.
    12. Perspective and experience determines what you do with knowledge and how you manage situations.
    13. Plans without dreams are empty. First, there is the dream, then the plans follow. The successful plan follows the vision.
    14.  Struggle and trauma do not need to defeat you. Instead, traumatic events can defeat complacency and drive distractions into the background.
    15. Forgiveness will cut loose the weights and restore flight to the soul.
    16.  A person asking questions is showing a personal interest in the subject.
    17. Always leave something behind that will bless the ones who follow.
    18. Am I willing to listen to the one I teach? Is the preacher willing to hear a sermon?
    19. Try imagining what you would think of a person who did the things you do, said the things you say, and, basically, acted like you do.
    20.  A bully is not brave, but is like the coward who refuses to fight. Both the bully and the coward have lost balance concerning love, loyalty and justice.
    21. Work because you believe in something, not because you need something.
    22. People who are talking are not necessarily the same people who have something useful to say.
    23. The future is coming. So, instead of worrying about it, prepare for it.
    24. You can do so much more than what you learned in school.
    25. Confidence is what allows you to pursue a higher level for yourself. Over-confidence, on the other hand, is the crippling attitude that allows you to believe you are already at your best.
    26. Teachers lead; disciplinarians push. Both are needed in the classroom and in life.
    27. Are you living your life in the bleachers or in the sand of the coliseum?
    28. Spirit, soul and body…that is who you are. You cannot experience success and fulfillment while you are without God, ignorant and out of shape.
    29. Pray. And, when you don’t know what to pray simply ask God for help and for God’s will to be done in your life.
    30.  You want to be a leader and have influence? Then simply realize there are people watching you. Some of these people will imitate and follow you.
    31. Seasons of turmoil and confusion are like muddy water. If given time and some stillness the mud settles and the water clears.
    32. A moment of self-control may save you from days of disappointment.
    33. Do not let success define itself. Instead, you give success its identity. Define success before it tries to identify itself.
    34. Lead someone to Christ. Share the need for Christ with someone and offer them the forgiveness and love of God.
    35. Education is the start, not the destination.
    36. Do not confuse education and learning. You can get an education without actually getting learning.
    37. Establish a goal. Identify it as the target. Then use your planning, training and effort to move towards it.
    38. Just because you didn’t say anything, doesn’t mean you were not heard.
    39. The greatest life is the life that makes the greatest sacrifice serving others.
    40. A lie only has power when it is believed. But, truth has power despite what people think. Truth is reality with or without belief. A lie is only effective if it deceives someone.
    41. Sailors do not row across the ocean without the use of the wind, but neither do they merely trust the wind to randomly blow them to their desired destination. In order to cross the great sea a good sailor must make personal efforts and harness the greater power of the wind.
    42. Creativity and resourcefulness have always won the day. Group-thinking supported with resources has always wasted the day.
    43. Victory can only go to a player who is in the game, and most often it will go to the player who is playing aggressively.
    44. The talent that is easy to see in people has most likely already been identified and exploited. Our job is to find the unidentified resources in people and help them believe, develop and use these gifts.
    45. Often the difference between success and failure is recognizing the opportunity or ignoring the opportunity.
    46. Lack of knowledge and inexperience are both sources of confidence. They produce a dangerous false confidence.
    47. Passion is a source of strength to produce great feats. Anger is a weakness that destroys the man and his environment.
    48. What you love is as important as what you know.
    49. Relationships are based more on trust than on interests and personalities.
    50. Quitting after experiencing failure is not the same thing as making adjustments after failure. Quitting ends your opportunity, but adjustments increase your chance for future success.
    51. Take care of yourself and consider your needs so that you are prepared and able to serve others.
    52. Escape the feeling of being overwhelmed by doing something. Move towards the end instead of merely staring motionless.
    53. Some men are motivated by fear, but fear leaves others incapacitated.
    54. Joy is only experienced by a clear conscience.
    55. Nothing makes more progress towards a goal than forces such as passion and love. To experience the energy of life allow these forces to fuel a part of each day.
    56. Living is more of an art form than it is a science or a mathematical formula.
    57. Try being grateful without making a suggestion or offering your analysis. Just try saying, “Thank you.”
    58. The backpack of life can get heavy with things we collect in an attempt to make ourselves happy. The result is the weight of this backpack makes us miserable as we try to carry it every day.
    59. Emotions can be passed around. So, pass on joy and hope instead of anger and despair.
    60.  If you don’t say it, you can’t be quoted!
    61. Keep some things secret. It is good for you to have private goals to meditate on.
    62. There are times when actions can follow a time of thought and reflection. Then, there are times when it is necessary to act spontaneously. It is in these times of spontaneous response that your character and your discipline reign supreme.

Galyn Wiemers
Generation Word

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