Friday, May 2, 2014

Coaches Corner for May

A good day depends on what season it is. The farmer planting seed in the spring should be pleased to plant and not disappointed there was no crop to harvest.

Live today for someone else’s joy, for someone else’s plans, for someone else’s needs. Do this and you will live today!

If you are looking for someone to let you pursue your dreams you need to stop and, instead, begin to pursue your dreams while being careful to avoid people who try to stop you.

Dreams are easier than daily life.
Emotions have more influence than reason.
Illusions seem more rewarding than reality.

Establish principles to live by. Identify priorities to guide your decisions. Find passions to energize your dreams.

You can teach another person information, but you can only help another person realize Truth.

Obedience is often the thing that keeps us safe and brings us peace.

Endurance is always a required necessity when finishing a race, a project or a calling. But, the power of endurance is most readily available to the man who also has a true desire to reach the finish line, launch the completed project and complete his ministry.

You cannot make someone believe, but you can give them more information to think about.

Where you focus is where you excel.
What you work on is what improves.
When you spend time is when you start to care.

The road to greatness is not straight or level. In fact, it is rarely even paved and never comes with road signs.

If you desire to change the world do not seek the counsel of a content man.

Commit to your goals. Anticipate the change. Work through opposition. Develop a useful product. Together these values are greatness.

Identify and ignore the things that are inconsequential.

It is natural to follow the expectations, lifestyles and goals of your friends and family. But, you owe it to yourself to ask yourself what do you want out of life? What do you think is important? What goals do you want to pursue? What are you looking for?

Dreams are achieved minute by minute as you go time after time measuring inch by inch.

Identify your strengths and what you like to do. In the same way, identify your weaknesses and the things you try to avoid. Then plan your day, your career and your life around your strengths and the things that bring you joy. Don’t spend your time doing things poorly or doing what makes you miserable.

Sometimes you need to give a little ground in a battle in order to gain a better foothold to win the war.

The “good life” is the life you enjoy and are proud of on the Day of Judgment.

Since you will be the only Christian some people get to know as a friend or get to work with on the job or have as a father it is very important that you represent your Lord accurately with commitment.

You will not do what you set out to do if you allow situations to distract you and obstacles to discourage you. Get ready to move through difficult situations and anticipate overcoming discouragement, because neither of these is as big as your plans or as strong as your desire.

Pray prayers that God can answer without violating his written Word and his revealed character. 

When you have determined your goal and have made plans to achieve it, don't look back, Instead, if you think it is worth your time, do it.

Ultimately you are responsible for your attitude, your preparation, your direction and your desire. Being accountable means you find that opportunity and you get in position to have a chance.

You can either make things happen or you can make a list of excuses. In the future you will either be talking about how you achieved or be explaining why you did not.

Even though your chance to work for the Lord on earth ends when you are gone, the Lord’s work through what you did and who you influence may continue for many more years. Because of this be sure to leave something behind for the Lord to work with here on earth after you are gone.

Not everyone needs to know all your dreams, opinions and pain. Some things are for you to keep to yourself, to deal with and to protect.

Your individual success should be part of the success of a greater whole.

Stop spending time with people who drag you down or interfere with your focus.

Learn to distinguish the difference between trivial and fleeting information, and the knowledge that is useful and worth remembering.

Exercise. You need to move, stretch and strengthen your body. It is your primary “house.”

Sometimes you don’t need a break, you just need to start working on something else.
Inner strength comes from study of the Word of God and taking your worries to the Lord in prayer.

Aim high.

The very thing you want from a relationship is what you need to give in that relationship. What you expect from other people is the standard you need to hold yourself to.

Bring your inner peace to your daily encounters with people.

When faced with impossible options, it is best to at least do what is possible. Your efforts will leave the desired impression.

Your part of a relationship involves having something to bring to the relationship and also knowing how much of it you want to give.

Your world view and your philosophy is the foundation you are building your life on. Your priorities, values and attitude are the materials you use each day to assemble the structure.

Growth may be slow and meticulous, but the opposite, stagnation, is lifeless and decomposing.

Talk with someone you admire. Spend time with people you wish to be like. Go to the places successful people are and do the things they do.

The things you do not need should be the measure of your wealth, instead of the things you surround yourself with. 

Do not fear failing the accomplishment of a noble feat. And, do not accept embarrassment. Instead, boldly make your attempt, hold your head high for supporting a noble cause and, most importantly, analyze, adjust and confidently do it again.

You blaming others is you admitting you are powerless with suspended freedom.

Don’t wait for the right opportunity or the “lucky break.” Work, plan, prepare and invest your time. What seems like the perfect time and the perfect plan is more about effort than perfection.

Ignorance makes the simple seem complex.
Understanding makes the complex seem simple.

You can’t live in fear of the unknown because there is always many, many things that will always be unknown. Act righteously and aggressively with what you do know and your progress will continue to reveal the unknown.

Truth is surrounded by facts, knowledge and information, but faith itself rests on truth alone.

Listen and be alert to what people are saying. First, paying attention is polite and the courteous thing to do. Second, you will eventually hear their evaluation of your program and insight into your trade.

A successful, peaceful life cannot be lived compartmentalized. Each compartment of life must be given attention. The one ignored area of life will undermine the success of the other areas and spread its chaos into the whole life.

When you truly find your individual self, your social group will find you. But, if you use a social group to find yourself, then it is not your true self you have found.

Knowledge is good.
Understanding is better.
Wisdom is best.

Spend your time, emotions, stories, excitement and inner self with those you love and who are committed to you. Don’t waste your time and emotions on casual acquaintances who disappear from your life with a mere change in career, church, café or cause.

People live defensively when they have something to lose, but offensively when they have nothing to lose.

Circumstances create opportunities and situations become open doors.

Don’t waste time. If you need to relax and unwind then use time to relax and unwind, but don not simply waste time.

We have made “successful” the goal, when we should be striving to be productive. Our world has identified “success” as the mere acquisition of things, fame or influence, but a person can have possessions, popularity and power, without ever contributing something productive, valuable or useful.

Selfishness tarnishes the greatest man, the boldest achievement and the most glorious day.

When you decided what you want to do and you are sure of it after testing and trying, then focus on it and get it done. No more wonder. No more talk. No more second thoughts. No more other options. All that is left is to focus and do!

Sometimes you do not need a clear goal for motivation, but a genuine fear of failure.

The level of our desire to accomplish a mission, is proportional to the increased amount of time we spend working on it and the decreased amount of time we spend having meetings to talk about it.

You were created to produce and given talents and gifts with unique insight and vision. So, just like a fruit tree naturally produces the fruit it was designed to grow, your fruitful life will be the natural result of who you are.

Galyn Wiemers Generation Word

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