Friday, June 25, 2010

Running Around the Old City Walls of Jerusalem

On Monday morning this week at 6:30 I ran around the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem while recording with a video camera. I began in the south west corner and ran east to the southeast corner. I turned left (north) and headed up the steep east side with the walls of the Temple Mount on my left. At the northeast corner of the walls I turned left (west) and ran up over Mount Moriah down into the Central Valley and up the Western Hill to the northwest corner of the city walls. Here I turned left (south) and headed down to the Joppa gate on the west side of the city then up Mount Zion back to where I started at the southwest corner. Here are four video clips of my run Monday morning. In the video I provide some explanation and discussion of the wall, the eight gates and the sites I run past. Maps of the run and labels of directions and locations are in the video.

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