Saturday, June 28, 2014

Jehoash Inscription and Hershel Shank's Recent BAR Article

The Jehoash Inscription (JI) is a 15 line Hebrew inscription that is said to have been discovered in the Muslim cemetery near the eastern wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The inscription is a royal declaration (see translation below) describing repairs to the Temple by King Jehoash (or, King Joash of 2 Kings 11-12 who reigned 835-796 BC). The ancient Hebrew text is in agreement with 2 Kings 12:1-16 and 2 Chronicles 24:4-14.
The patina (a thin layer produced by age that forms on the surface of stone) is believed to be from antiquity. According to an article by Hershel Shanks in this month's Biblical Archaeology Review (July/August 2014) the patina of the Jehoash Inscription stone contains gold globules between 1-2 micrometers in diameter. Gold in this form is not available commercially. Ernst Pernicka, a gold specialist from the Eberhard Karls University of Tubingen and professor of archaeometry and archaeometallurgy, explained that gold melts at 1,947 degrees Fahrenheit and boils at 5,378 degrees Fahrenheit. When gold melts it forms into larger droplets. After considering the micrometer gold droplets in the ancient patina Pernicka agrees with the international team of scholars from Israel, Germany and the United States that had previously said, “Our analyses strongly support the authenticity of the Jehoash tablet and its inscription.” This Jehoash Tablet would have been displayed on or near the Temple beginning around 820 BC. This royal inscription would have fallen to the ground and been engulfed in the same intense heat of the flames that consumed the Temple and turned the temple's decorative gold molten in 586 BC when Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem. 

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Galyn Wiemers Generation Word

Friday, May 2, 2014

Coaches Corner for May

A good day depends on what season it is. The farmer planting seed in the spring should be pleased to plant and not disappointed there was no crop to harvest.

Live today for someone else’s joy, for someone else’s plans, for someone else’s needs. Do this and you will live today!

If you are looking for someone to let you pursue your dreams you need to stop and, instead, begin to pursue your dreams while being careful to avoid people who try to stop you.

Dreams are easier than daily life.
Emotions have more influence than reason.
Illusions seem more rewarding than reality.

Establish principles to live by. Identify priorities to guide your decisions. Find passions to energize your dreams.

You can teach another person information, but you can only help another person realize Truth.

Obedience is often the thing that keeps us safe and brings us peace.

Endurance is always a required necessity when finishing a race, a project or a calling. But, the power of endurance is most readily available to the man who also has a true desire to reach the finish line, launch the completed project and complete his ministry.

You cannot make someone believe, but you can give them more information to think about.

Where you focus is where you excel.
What you work on is what improves.
When you spend time is when you start to care.

The road to greatness is not straight or level. In fact, it is rarely even paved and never comes with road signs.

If you desire to change the world do not seek the counsel of a content man.

Commit to your goals. Anticipate the change. Work through opposition. Develop a useful product. Together these values are greatness.

Identify and ignore the things that are inconsequential.

It is natural to follow the expectations, lifestyles and goals of your friends and family. But, you owe it to yourself to ask yourself what do you want out of life? What do you think is important? What goals do you want to pursue? What are you looking for?

Dreams are achieved minute by minute as you go time after time measuring inch by inch.

Identify your strengths and what you like to do. In the same way, identify your weaknesses and the things you try to avoid. Then plan your day, your career and your life around your strengths and the things that bring you joy. Don’t spend your time doing things poorly or doing what makes you miserable.

Sometimes you need to give a little ground in a battle in order to gain a better foothold to win the war.

The “good life” is the life you enjoy and are proud of on the Day of Judgment.

Since you will be the only Christian some people get to know as a friend or get to work with on the job or have as a father it is very important that you represent your Lord accurately with commitment.

You will not do what you set out to do if you allow situations to distract you and obstacles to discourage you. Get ready to move through difficult situations and anticipate overcoming discouragement, because neither of these is as big as your plans or as strong as your desire.

Pray prayers that God can answer without violating his written Word and his revealed character. 

When you have determined your goal and have made plans to achieve it, don't look back, Instead, if you think it is worth your time, do it.

Ultimately you are responsible for your attitude, your preparation, your direction and your desire. Being accountable means you find that opportunity and you get in position to have a chance.

You can either make things happen or you can make a list of excuses. In the future you will either be talking about how you achieved or be explaining why you did not.

Even though your chance to work for the Lord on earth ends when you are gone, the Lord’s work through what you did and who you influence may continue for many more years. Because of this be sure to leave something behind for the Lord to work with here on earth after you are gone.

Not everyone needs to know all your dreams, opinions and pain. Some things are for you to keep to yourself, to deal with and to protect.

Your individual success should be part of the success of a greater whole.

Stop spending time with people who drag you down or interfere with your focus.

Learn to distinguish the difference between trivial and fleeting information, and the knowledge that is useful and worth remembering.

Exercise. You need to move, stretch and strengthen your body. It is your primary “house.”

Sometimes you don’t need a break, you just need to start working on something else.
Inner strength comes from study of the Word of God and taking your worries to the Lord in prayer.

Aim high.

The very thing you want from a relationship is what you need to give in that relationship. What you expect from other people is the standard you need to hold yourself to.

Bring your inner peace to your daily encounters with people.

When faced with impossible options, it is best to at least do what is possible. Your efforts will leave the desired impression.

Your part of a relationship involves having something to bring to the relationship and also knowing how much of it you want to give.

Your world view and your philosophy is the foundation you are building your life on. Your priorities, values and attitude are the materials you use each day to assemble the structure.

Growth may be slow and meticulous, but the opposite, stagnation, is lifeless and decomposing.

Talk with someone you admire. Spend time with people you wish to be like. Go to the places successful people are and do the things they do.

The things you do not need should be the measure of your wealth, instead of the things you surround yourself with. 

Do not fear failing the accomplishment of a noble feat. And, do not accept embarrassment. Instead, boldly make your attempt, hold your head high for supporting a noble cause and, most importantly, analyze, adjust and confidently do it again.

You blaming others is you admitting you are powerless with suspended freedom.

Don’t wait for the right opportunity or the “lucky break.” Work, plan, prepare and invest your time. What seems like the perfect time and the perfect plan is more about effort than perfection.

Ignorance makes the simple seem complex.
Understanding makes the complex seem simple.

You can’t live in fear of the unknown because there is always many, many things that will always be unknown. Act righteously and aggressively with what you do know and your progress will continue to reveal the unknown.

Truth is surrounded by facts, knowledge and information, but faith itself rests on truth alone.

Listen and be alert to what people are saying. First, paying attention is polite and the courteous thing to do. Second, you will eventually hear their evaluation of your program and insight into your trade.

A successful, peaceful life cannot be lived compartmentalized. Each compartment of life must be given attention. The one ignored area of life will undermine the success of the other areas and spread its chaos into the whole life.

When you truly find your individual self, your social group will find you. But, if you use a social group to find yourself, then it is not your true self you have found.

Knowledge is good.
Understanding is better.
Wisdom is best.

Spend your time, emotions, stories, excitement and inner self with those you love and who are committed to you. Don’t waste your time and emotions on casual acquaintances who disappear from your life with a mere change in career, church, café or cause.

People live defensively when they have something to lose, but offensively when they have nothing to lose.

Circumstances create opportunities and situations become open doors.

Don’t waste time. If you need to relax and unwind then use time to relax and unwind, but don not simply waste time.

We have made “successful” the goal, when we should be striving to be productive. Our world has identified “success” as the mere acquisition of things, fame or influence, but a person can have possessions, popularity and power, without ever contributing something productive, valuable or useful.

Selfishness tarnishes the greatest man, the boldest achievement and the most glorious day.

When you decided what you want to do and you are sure of it after testing and trying, then focus on it and get it done. No more wonder. No more talk. No more second thoughts. No more other options. All that is left is to focus and do!

Sometimes you do not need a clear goal for motivation, but a genuine fear of failure.

The level of our desire to accomplish a mission, is proportional to the increased amount of time we spend working on it and the decreased amount of time we spend having meetings to talk about it.

You were created to produce and given talents and gifts with unique insight and vision. So, just like a fruit tree naturally produces the fruit it was designed to grow, your fruitful life will be the natural result of who you are.

Galyn Wiemers Generation Word

Monday, March 31, 2014

Coaches Corner for April

1. Instead of patient, deliberate reflection, there are times where swift, decisive action wins the day.
2. Great ball players know how and when to let the game come to them instead of trying to control every situation. The same can be said about the Christian life. Do what’s right, obey the truth and let God’s will come to you. Then, when you have the shot, take it! When you get the pitch, drive it deep!
3. The convictions of our conscience may also convict the conscience of others if these convictions are observable in our own life as the fruits of truth and power.
4. Self-centeredness makes a man socially unbearable. Self-awareness enables a man to function at a socially acceptable level.
5. No tool or machine has ever been created without first there being a reason to create it. Every tool has a purpose. Ignorance of that purpose does not change the fact that originally the creator had a purpose for the tool.
6. There is physical strength and then there is moral strength. Moral strength is what makes a strong man great.
7. A clear conscience is not the same thing as knowing or doing God’s will. A clear conscience may indicate ignorance of truth and the lack of knowledge of right and wrong.
8. When pressured by life or overwhelmed with problems, focus on the issues instead of being distracted by people and personalities. In other words, argue to resolve the problem, not to attack the person.
9.  Don’t neglect to live a godly life while you seek God’s perfect will for your life.
10. A conflict with another person does not need to destroy the relationship. In fact, when conflict is handled responsibly relationships can be strengthened and made deeper.
11.  Avoid the failure of your plans by picking up the pace just like you increase pedaling to stay balance on a bike
12. Nothing is more defeating to the Christian than to fake spirituality. Instead, be genuine, and focus on growth and honest behavior.
13.  Our shakable, temporal world has many purposes, but one primary service it provides is to convince us not to depend on today or to trust our natural possessions. Our ever changing physical existence leaves us no other hope than to look for and live for our eternal home.
14.  Falsehood, deception and lies always complicate the future.
15.  The world may disregard what God values, but this disrespect is offset by the fact that in a similar way God is not concerned with the world’s opinion.
16.    Never blame the bad teacher. You can always rise above because Truth is independent of education since education is not limited to a system, a classroom or an individual teacher. Education is ultimately the responsibility of the student.
17.  Do not try to get from people what only God can give you.
18.  The question is not, “Do you have gifts, abilities or strengths?” Neither is it the question, “Are you using them?” Because, you are using your strengths and abilities already. The question is, “How are you already using them” and “What is your motivation for how you are using them?”
19. Do more than you were asked. Give more than is required. In this you demonstrate your freedom and ability to serve.
20. Only in eternity is our expectation of a future joy greater than we anticipate. In fact, the future joy of eternity is beyond today’s comprehension.
21. When you judge others, first reflect your expectations on yourself by judging your own character and your own performance.
22. Sometimes the biggest change comes from the simple decisions and the smallest adjustments. Make the simple, necessary changes today and create a different tomorrow.
23. Find someone who likes to listen to you read aloud.
24. Consistency yields the greatest results.
25. Great deeds, notable works and historic performances are not limited to a particular age group. Great people from all age groups have achieved great things.
26. In the end the Lord will judge and evaluate you without considering public opinion and how people felt about you.
27. One way to avoid saying something you will regret is to avoid speaking.
28. Failure isn't the end unless you quit.
29. Organization frees your soul, makes your thoughts clear and looks appealing to the natural eye.
30. There are times when the best thing to do is laugh loudly and times it is best to weep. Do not avoid them when it is the right time.
31. You do not have to do what people want. It is OK to say “no” and to walk the other way.
32. People often use flattery and pleasant compliments as keys to unlock the treasures of your soul.
33. Every day you should sing, read, laugh and pray just like you should sleep and eat.
34. Excellence is not a synonym of perfection. Seek excellence, not perfection. Accomplish the mission without being distracted by impossible expectations.
35. Consider this: Could you be the answer for the prayer you have just prayed? Do you have the resources or the ability to do what you just asked God to do?
36. An honest look at your life will indicate the truth of the words, “With the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” If you disagree, then just give it more time. It will be your experience.
37. Humor is to life what a spoon full of sugar is to medicine.
38. Pour your life into someone today. Be sure your legacy doesn’t end with you, but continues through the lives of others who will themselves impact others.
39. Never expect people or institutions to give you anything other than an opportunity. If they refuse to give you an opportunity then move on without looking back and create your own.
40. A true man sets aside his desires and goals to serve those who have been entrusted to his care. A true man is selfless like his Lord Jesus, not selfish like his sin nature.
41. Christianity is fulfilled in a life of action. We prepare our minds for action, not debate or theological speculation. In the end you will be judged for what you did, not how you felt, what you thought or whose opinion you defended. How did what you believe change you, your world and history.
42. Sometimes the best you can do is keep living and doing what is right knowing we will understand the reason and the purpose later.
43. Feeling discouraged and hopeless is not a sin, but if you do not offset these emotions with confidence and faith they can lead to sin. 
44. Do the forces of darkness and the people who are evil fear your prayers? Do you believe in the influence of your prayers? Live like a believer and believe your prayer life is powerful and effective.
45. There is no success without a price. Either you are presently paying the price for some future success, or you or someone else paid for your present success in the past.
46. Renewing your mind to God’s Truth and being conformed into the image of his son will require that a large portion of your time and thoughts be spent on that task.
47. Great men are remembered in movies and books, but not committees and boards.
48. Daydreams in the mind of a man of action become the plans for that man’s successful endeavors.
49. Every institution and society values conformity. Men who think, question, plan, create and act are often despised and rejected.
50. Sometimes restoring the balance in life begins by simply recognizing and thanking your creator.
51. Finishing the game is as important as training for the competition
52. Treat others with grace whenever you have a chance.
53. The determined and persistent man becomes stubborn and unreasonable when separated from wisdom.
54. Do not vilify those you love. Do not cast blame on those who trust you to love them.
55. Some of the faults we identify in others are only faults because of our own weaknesses. So, these are not their faults but ours.
56. Love and grace are necessary for God to maintain a relationship with us. Love and grace are also necessary for us to maintain a relationship with other people.
57. Guilt is a weight you should avoid or deal with as soon as possible.
58. Be sure to give more than you take…in relationships…with wealth…at work…and, always at potlucks.
59. Smile, talk nice and do your job.
60. Have enough power to identify your negative thoughts, then have enough freedom to dismiss them and walk away.

Galyn Wiemers Generation Word

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Coaches Corner Comments for March

  1. Christianity follows a creed. Religion follows traditions.
  2. 2    Show up! Just be stubborn enough to show up and do it again. This is often the difference between “I tried,” and “I did it.”
    3.    Spend time building strength, instead of waiting until you have to spend time repairing the damage.
    4.    Smile! – You look better; you create a better environment; you invite a positive response; you appear helpful and interested in others.
    5.    Success seeks success, and success follows after success.
    6.    It is likely that no one loves your family, your children, your spouse, etc. as much as you do. So, who will invest time with them if you don’t?
    7.    Every act of kindness is worthy of recognition. Even the smallest gift should earn a “thank you.”
    8.    Christianity can separate the passion of sex from the perversion of sex. Natural man cannot.
    9.    The most influential virtue is thankfulness. It prevents arrogance, avoids discouragement, leads to generosity and honors a source other than self.
    10. Determination and focus achieves greatness.
    11. A teacher is not focused on making themselves great, but is focused on preparing others for greatness.
    12. Perspective and experience determines what you do with knowledge and how you manage situations.
    13. Plans without dreams are empty. First, there is the dream, then the plans follow. The successful plan follows the vision.
    14.  Struggle and trauma do not need to defeat you. Instead, traumatic events can defeat complacency and drive distractions into the background.
    15. Forgiveness will cut loose the weights and restore flight to the soul.
    16.  A person asking questions is showing a personal interest in the subject.
    17. Always leave something behind that will bless the ones who follow.
    18. Am I willing to listen to the one I teach? Is the preacher willing to hear a sermon?
    19. Try imagining what you would think of a person who did the things you do, said the things you say, and, basically, acted like you do.
    20.  A bully is not brave, but is like the coward who refuses to fight. Both the bully and the coward have lost balance concerning love, loyalty and justice.
    21. Work because you believe in something, not because you need something.
    22. People who are talking are not necessarily the same people who have something useful to say.
    23. The future is coming. So, instead of worrying about it, prepare for it.
    24. You can do so much more than what you learned in school.
    25. Confidence is what allows you to pursue a higher level for yourself. Over-confidence, on the other hand, is the crippling attitude that allows you to believe you are already at your best.
    26. Teachers lead; disciplinarians push. Both are needed in the classroom and in life.
    27. Are you living your life in the bleachers or in the sand of the coliseum?
    28. Spirit, soul and body…that is who you are. You cannot experience success and fulfillment while you are without God, ignorant and out of shape.
    29. Pray. And, when you don’t know what to pray simply ask God for help and for God’s will to be done in your life.
    30.  You want to be a leader and have influence? Then simply realize there are people watching you. Some of these people will imitate and follow you.
    31. Seasons of turmoil and confusion are like muddy water. If given time and some stillness the mud settles and the water clears.
    32. A moment of self-control may save you from days of disappointment.
    33. Do not let success define itself. Instead, you give success its identity. Define success before it tries to identify itself.
    34. Lead someone to Christ. Share the need for Christ with someone and offer them the forgiveness and love of God.
    35. Education is the start, not the destination.
    36. Do not confuse education and learning. You can get an education without actually getting learning.
    37. Establish a goal. Identify it as the target. Then use your planning, training and effort to move towards it.
    38. Just because you didn’t say anything, doesn’t mean you were not heard.
    39. The greatest life is the life that makes the greatest sacrifice serving others.
    40. A lie only has power when it is believed. But, truth has power despite what people think. Truth is reality with or without belief. A lie is only effective if it deceives someone.
    41. Sailors do not row across the ocean without the use of the wind, but neither do they merely trust the wind to randomly blow them to their desired destination. In order to cross the great sea a good sailor must make personal efforts and harness the greater power of the wind.
    42. Creativity and resourcefulness have always won the day. Group-thinking supported with resources has always wasted the day.
    43. Victory can only go to a player who is in the game, and most often it will go to the player who is playing aggressively.
    44. The talent that is easy to see in people has most likely already been identified and exploited. Our job is to find the unidentified resources in people and help them believe, develop and use these gifts.
    45. Often the difference between success and failure is recognizing the opportunity or ignoring the opportunity.
    46. Lack of knowledge and inexperience are both sources of confidence. They produce a dangerous false confidence.
    47. Passion is a source of strength to produce great feats. Anger is a weakness that destroys the man and his environment.
    48. What you love is as important as what you know.
    49. Relationships are based more on trust than on interests and personalities.
    50. Quitting after experiencing failure is not the same thing as making adjustments after failure. Quitting ends your opportunity, but adjustments increase your chance for future success.
    51. Take care of yourself and consider your needs so that you are prepared and able to serve others.
    52. Escape the feeling of being overwhelmed by doing something. Move towards the end instead of merely staring motionless.
    53. Some men are motivated by fear, but fear leaves others incapacitated.
    54. Joy is only experienced by a clear conscience.
    55. Nothing makes more progress towards a goal than forces such as passion and love. To experience the energy of life allow these forces to fuel a part of each day.
    56. Living is more of an art form than it is a science or a mathematical formula.
    57. Try being grateful without making a suggestion or offering your analysis. Just try saying, “Thank you.”
    58. The backpack of life can get heavy with things we collect in an attempt to make ourselves happy. The result is the weight of this backpack makes us miserable as we try to carry it every day.
    59. Emotions can be passed around. So, pass on joy and hope instead of anger and despair.
    60.  If you don’t say it, you can’t be quoted!
    61. Keep some things secret. It is good for you to have private goals to meditate on.
    62. There are times when actions can follow a time of thought and reflection. Then, there are times when it is necessary to act spontaneously. It is in these times of spontaneous response that your character and your discipline reign supreme.

Galyn Wiemers
Generation Word

Friday, January 24, 2014

February's "Coaches Corner" Comments for "Reps and Sets" Devotions

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Coaches Corner for February

Commit yourself to learning knowledge, developing skill and gaining insight each day.

Your words and actions either shine light into the lives of others or they cast a shadow of darkness.

Moses and Jesus both taught that just as a man’s body without food is malnourished, so every man’s soul is malnourished without the Word of the Lord.

An engine needs refueled.
A battery needs recharged.
The shelves of a store need restocked.
Likewise, a man needs to replenish what he depletes in himself while he fulfills his purpose in life.

Maintaining contentment becomes more difficult as material possessions increase.

Do not entertain the concept that your view of life and your understanding of origin, purpose and destiny do not affect your behavior and interaction with others.

Make the most of every opportunity by being pleasant, encouraging and fun.

Knowing that seeds become trees, it is an awesome realization to finally understand that our thoughts, words and actions are seeds themselves.

Your life is your message. Your daily walk is your sermon.

Show the quality of exceptionalism in your life by working hard, listening to others when they speak, keeping your promise, giving more than you take, serving in a ministry, fearlessly following the calling of you r heart and doing good.

Write down a vision or live life in vanity.

Sailors do not row across the ocean nor do they merely trust the wind to randomly blow them to their desired destination. In order to cross the great sea a good sailor must make efforts to harness the greater power of the wind.

Passion fuels the dream.

Natural talents like natural shrubs and trees need to be tended by an attentive gardener. I would suggest that if the natural talents are yours, then you need to be the attentive gardener. No one is impressed with over grown foliage and unmowed yards. So, mow your yard, trim your shrubs and develop your natural talents.

Be friendly. Risk rejection and reach out to someone.

The desire to change is the beginning of making that change.

Persistence has proven to be important in prayer, business, relationships, ministry, athletics and any endeavor that results in success.

Sometimes the best answer is to simply listen to the question. If you don’t have the answer, you can at least share the desire to know.

Season grace and truth with joy and perspective.

Creating and criticizing are opposites. So, when you experience the desire to be negative and critical, choose instead to be creative and productive.

What you say is what you think. How you speak is who you are. Your voice is the image of your soul.

Paul told Timothy to be content with what he had but he told the Philippians he himself was pressing on because he was not content with who he was or what he had accomplished. So, an adequate amount of possessions can be attained, but we should never be satisfied with our level of personal development or accomplishment.

Prepare and practice before every performance.

Pray for others what you pray for yourself.

Encouraging and motivating a student is as important as teaching and training a student.

When you are with someone with more experience and greater intelligence, you should listen in order to improve instead of speak in an attempt to impress.

Learning most often begins with a question.

Often the difference between success and failure is either recognizing the opportunity or ignoring the opportunity.

Accepting responsibility is similar to seizing power.

Victory can only go to a player who is in the game, and most often it will go to the player who is playing aggressively in the game.

Help people smile. Make them feel good. Refresh them with laughter.

Love never fails and truth always wins. Until then we are simply waiting for the results to be turned in.

Do not manipulate justice.

Being able to forget is as great a skill as being able to remember.

Live in such a way that when men challenge your theology or question your interpretation of Scripture, they will still agree with your lifestyle and admire your application of what you believe.

Make it easy for people to trust you.

You can learn information, but you must experience wisdom.

Lack of knowledge and inexperience are both sources of confidence. This is a false confidence that is dangerous, but confidence none the less.

Application of truth leads to a greater understanding of that truth. Thus, he who has will be given more.

Losing is an advantage if it increases your focus and your learning.

You learn to fry eggs by frying eggs….you learn to do it right by frying and eating them.

What you love is as important as what you know.

Escape the feeling of being overwhelmed by doing something to at least move towards the end instead of merely staring motionless at the beginning.

The dynamics of any situation or relationship are effected anytime you pray about that situation or relationship.

Your bad attitude can misrepresent your insight as criticism and redirect attention away from your ability to contribute.

There is a time to remember and learn. There is a time to forget and let go.

Know the difference between enjoying the moment and living for the moment.

God knows –
·         The situation you are facing
·         The answer you are seeking
·         The past you are leaving
·         The needs you are lacking
·         The future you are entering
·         The ministry you are completing
·         The people you are loving
God knows, so ask him for help, direction, clarity, provision, protection, ability, opportunity and compassion.

Don’t waste time on the past or effort on unchangeable forces.

The fact that Jesus came back from the dead pretty much solidifies the fact that as followers of him we will eventually overcome everything else.

Your words and deeds today are seeds that will produce fruitful results tomorrow.

Pressure reveals weaknesses. But, weaknesses can be corrected and strengthened. Use pressure as an advantage.

Opportunities can be completely missed or totally exploited.

It is easier to find God when you are looking for him.

Things can always be better, but as a believer in Jesus Christ nothing can remove our reason for ultimately being thankful.

Try enjoying what you have instead of striving to get something else. Realize that even if you have all that you need and all that you want there will always be something to chase and distract you from contentment. Learn to stop. Learn to enjoy what you have and who you are.

You can avoid stress by lowering your unnecessary expectations and turning away from things and people that do not matter.

Find your place in life. Embrace it. Excel at it. Enjoy it.

The backpack of our life can get too full and too heavy with things we collect in an attempt to make ourselves happy. But, instead the weight of this backpack makes us miserable as we try to carry it every day.

A good steward needs to invest thought and time into their oversight.

Establish a goal. Identify it as the target towards which your planning, training and effort moves towards.

Nothing makes more progress towards a goal than forces such as passion and love. To experience the energy of life allow these forces to fuel a part of each day.

Since as a believer in Jesus Christ you have a supernatural life source, you should be manifesting some exceptional personal character qualities every day.

The brightest light is brightest at its source. Likewise, your character should be greatest at home and among those you work with each day.

The greatest life is the life that makes the greatest sacrifice serving other lives.

Who you really are will eventually be known. What you hide will ultimately be revealed. Live accordingly.

Do not try to conceal self-centered desires with language camouflaged with God-centered lingo. This camouflage of language will be made transparent when the results of your actions expose the motives of your heart.

Your priorities determine how you spend your time and energy. Or, said another way, your time and energy reveal your priorities.

Galyn Wiemers Generation Word

Thursday, December 26, 2013

January's "Coaches Corner" Comments for "Reps and Sets" Devotions

I just finished writing the 62 comments for "Coaches Corner" that is included two times each day in our "Reps and Sets" devotions.
At best I hope you find them useful and encouraging, but at least I hope you find them truthful.

January Coaches Corner
1.      To increase your understanding of the Bible begin to study the scripture instead of just reading it, and then, teach what you have studied.
2.      God supplies the power and ability, but we do the work and develop the gifts and ability.
3.      Your act of service to others is your ministry. There is no failure when others have been served.
4.      You can never be happy if you know you are living in disobedience to God.
5.      Dreams become goals when you identify and define them. These goals can then provide focus, motivation and priorities towards fulfilling those dreams.
6.      If you will manage your time, you will find out you have the time you were needing.
7.      You are spirit, soul and body. A man cannot neglect these. You will need:
      spiritual fellowship with the Lord
      Renewal of your mind with the truth
      Maintenance of a healthy body with diet and exercise. 
8.      Experiencing sorrow is part of life, but never let sorrow oppress you.
9.      Help people smile, do good and speak words filled with hope.
10.  When you think you are right, try to see the other side before you speak.
11.  Opposition exposes weakness and resistance increases strength.
12.  True love does not motivate with guilt or manipulate for self-interest.
13.  Your inner character is real; your reputation is an opinion. Yet, what you are and what people see are both important.
14.  Often the hero is afflicted. 
15.  Refrain from talking about negative things.
16.  Admit your mistakes and correct your errors, and, definitely, don’t try to blame someone else. 
17.  Knowing and recalling truth and reality will help you stand in righteousness and stand against sin.
18.  You still have to do what is right even when someone else is doing things wrong. 
19.  Whatever you do it should be done with faith in God and confidence in yourself, his creation.
20.  You are not right all the time about everything. Everyone knows that. But, can you identify the things you are wrong about right now?
21.  Every choice has consequences and every decision produces a reaction…make it a priority to anticipate consequences and reactions.
22.  Hard work towards an identified goal is the most important component of success. 
23.  Confidence comes from truth and ability; Arrogance is the product of self-centeredness and fear.
24.  There is always a way out of temptation and sin. The lack of an escape route is not the problem with temptation. The problem is lack of desire to see the way out and use the escape route. 
25.  You are unique. Do not settle for being a mere imitation of somebody else.
26.  Jesus altered the course of history and is known today as one of the most influential people of all time. He did this by serving others. And, he taught his core disciples to do the same thing: Serve, not rule.
27.  We live in a big world, so there is an answer, there is a solution and there is a way. Seek, knock and ask until you find it.
28.  You reap what you sow. If you do not like your harvest, start planting different seeds.
29.  Today is 24 hours. This week is seven days. This year is 52 weeks. But, you are eternal and forever is a long, long time.
30.  The first key to self-esteem is obedience to God, and the second is knowing you are living a life with purpose that pleases God. 
31.  Improve your life by simply thinking about things that are accurate, honorable, factual, wholesome, beautiful, excellent, exceptional, and commendable. 
32.  Friends are an important factor concerning your attitude, behavior, direction, motivation and passion.
33.  Do not let yourself be addicted to anything. Maintain control by protecting your freedom to choose…and, then choose life and choose what is right.
34.  Comparing yourself to others is unfair and unproductive. Admiring someone and learning from others is an entirely different thing. 
35.  There is always a price that must be paid for anything of eternal value. Include the cost of suffering into your proposal to be successful and significant. 
36.  It is amazing what you can do when you do what God wants done.
37.  Doing what is right is not always easy. God’s way is not always popular. 
38.  There is power in obedience and great freedom in living righteously.
39.  God’s will for a believer is sometimes identified by their passions.
40.  Just like the sun is still burning on a cloudy day, so it is with God’s will during times of confusion.
41.  Spend more time doing what you are good at.
42.  Don’t waste time. Don’t waste words. Don’t waste emotion.
43.  When you find yourself worrying, stop to ask yourself: What? and, Why?
44.  Some things need to be done adequately instead of excellently. Focus on the things that will make a difference, not on things that consume time and energy.
45.  Sometime identifying the right question is as close to the answer as you can get on this side of history.
46.  Class is in session whenever people are observing you.
47.  Your soul needs wholesome nourishment, just like your body needs healthy food. Think, read, listen, study and watch wholesomeness. 
48.  Success may not be what the world tells you it is.
49.  The most effective way to make change (including in yourself) is to accept and seek responsibility.
50.  Your success produces admiration from some and envy from others. So, if you can, share your success to help reduce the detractors. 
51.  Besides Bible study and prayer, develop personal godliness with spiritually healthy friendships and practice a purposeful ministry.
52.  Everyone fails. Everyone feels disappointed. Everyone could be better. Welcome to reality. The difference is some people move on past failure and feelings to actually become better.
53.  Seek education before entertainment.
54.  It is not a lack of faith to desire to check out a truth or a relationship before getting involved. A long term commitment comes after a progressive series of shorter term commitments have been tested and approved.
55.  As you believe, so are you. Doctrine determines godliness and faith is the basis for behavior.
56.  Try considering what is best for others before you make your decision.
57.  Pray. Pray often. Pray about the good things. Pray about concerns. Pray for others. Pray for yourself. Pray for godliness. Pray for opportunities. Pray to understand. Pray often. Pray.
58.  You must keep going. You must try. If you do not, you cannot.
59.  Besides faith and obedience the most important thing is diligence. Faith. Obedience. Diligence. These three produce results.
60.  Sometimes the answer to the problem, the resolution to the confusion and the source of encouragement in the midst of despair is sleep. Sleep is not a sign of laziness, but an indication of discipline. Really, sometimes you just need to sleep. 
61.  The desire for unnecessary things is a distraction and the worry about non-issues is a waste of emotional energy.
62.  Self-centeredness is as restricting as self-forgetfulness is freeing in the process of accomplishing significant things.  

Galyn Wiemers
Generation Word