Sunday, September 1, 2013

"Reps and Sets" 2X Daily Online Devotions...READY!

OK, here we go! After 13 months of research, study and writing Generation Word's 2 times a day devotional/study site Reps and Sets is ready. The homepage will refresh every 12 hours to present more than 15 new pieces of information 732 times a year (that is a total 10,980 devotions, quotes, thoughts, proverbs, photos, prayers, diagrams, maps, quizzes, word studies, confessions or facts). To join the revival all you need to do is refresh and read - - 2X each day.WWW.REPSANDSETS.ORG provides you with optimal spiritual training for life application. So, lets get started! I'll see you in the weight room!

Galyn Wiemers Generation Word


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