Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Book Has Arrived

3,000 copies of "Jerusalem: History, Archaeology
and Apologetic Proof of Scripture" have arrived.
Three pallets of books arrived Friday afternoon,
but I was at work.
Zac willingly skipped a class at school to pack the
boxes into storage.
Zac stacked 190 boxes.
This book contains 500 photos of Jerusalem taken
this summer (June 2010)  by Toni and Galyn Wiemers.
It also includes diagrams and maps that help explain the
history and present day location of Biblical sites in
the city of Jerusalem.
This book is available upon request (no charge) from
Generation Word.
Just email a shipping address to
This book is divided into seven sections, including:
  • An introduction to Jerusalem
  • Topography of Jerusalem
  • Jerusalem in the Old Testament
  • Jerusalem during the days of the Macabees
    and the Hasmoneans
  • Jerusalem in the New Testament
  • Jerusalem under the control of the Gentiles:
    Romans, Crusaders and Muslims
  • Some special archaeological treasures
  • The future of Jerusalem

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