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"Only God Converts the Arminians?" What does that mean?

When the theology of Calvinism is applied to life some interesting fruit begins to develop. Here is an example captured in a comment from an online blog post which was written by a Calvinist suggesting a good Calvinistic book:
“How about Calvinism: Defined, Defended, Documented. I give out copies to interested Arminian friends. Only God converts them, as we know; but this book sure shuts ‘em up.”
What is meant by, “God converts them?”
  1. Does this mean that God first converts Arminians to Calvinism and then they are saved? Does this mean you can not be saved until you are a Calvinist? 
  2. Does this mean that part of God’s sovereign, predestined call is to unconditionally bring some Christians to a fuller knowledge of his plan known as Calvinism? 
    • So, does that mean that when God calls his elect he is calling them to both salvation and to an understanding of Calvinism? 
    • Or, does that mean that some of the elect are only called to salvation, but are left to a lesser understanding called Arminianism. 
    • Likewise, some of the elect are called to both salvation and a greater understanding of this salvation. If this is the case then we can see the root of Gnosticism beginning to produce its concept of greater levels of knowledge. 
  3. Either way, it is interesting to see that in this single example of the Calvinistic view everything I believe and understand comes from God’s will in my life. This means then that the reason I am still not a Calvinist is because God has not yet revealed it to me. So, why do the Calvinist blame me for my ignorance. A paraphrase out of Romans 9 might sound like this:
“Then why do Calvinist still blame me? For who resists God’s will?”
This means that even though, in an attempt to persuade myself, I read Calvinistic books and listen to hours of Reformed preaching on my ipod, I will always think Calvinism is a stupid, illogical theology until God calls me to Calvinism? Then, why blame me? What else can I do?

What does the Calvinist say to me now?   
“Who are you, O man, to talk back to  God? Shall what is formed say to him who formed it, ‘Why did you make me an Arminian?’ Does not the potter have the right to make out of the same lump of clay some Calvinist and some Arminians?"
Where does Calvinism begin and end? What is the limit to predestination? Does predestination cause my doctrinal convictions? Does predestination cause me to be a Republican or a Democrat? The comment by this Calvinistic blogger seems to be on a slippery slope that nullifies all human responsibility or ability to discern truth. Yes, even trying to discern truth is futile. Now, I realize that is not how Calvin describes predestination. I have read RC Sproul and others as they argue intelligently against this point, but none the less, you can see the slippery slope dragging Calvinism past the issue of salvation and into the realm of accepting or rejecting doctrinal concepts. Maybe Calvin and RC understand the limits of predestination (or, do they?), but their converts are running this Calvinistic theology right off the tracks of logic (which is in itself an oxymoron.)

(These are rhetorical questions I am thinking about. No comments yet, please. I am still studying. I just ordered "Still Sovereign" by Schreiner and Ware, "Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God" by Packer, and "Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility" by Carson to add to the following books I am already reading and researching:

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