Saturday, April 16, 2011

Truth (From the "Defending the Faith" Series)

What makes me worthy to identify the Truth and expose the lie?

It is not my own righteousness, but the simple fact that the Truth exists. This portion of the debate is not about my character, but about the existence of Truth. My character (at this point of the argument) has nothing to do with identifying Truth.

Both, those who say there IS a standard of Truth and righteousness and those who say there IS NO standard of Truth and righteousness, find themselves sinning and doing wrong. The difference is that the first group has a standard to compare themselves to, but the second group really can not say they are sinners. They can not even say the first group is wrong since in their own philosophy they claim there are no standards. Thus, only the first group (those who hold to an absolute standard of Truth and righteousness) are logical.

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