Friday, January 24, 2014

February's "Coaches Corner" Comments for "Reps and Sets" Devotions

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Coaches Corner for February

Commit yourself to learning knowledge, developing skill and gaining insight each day.

Your words and actions either shine light into the lives of others or they cast a shadow of darkness.

Moses and Jesus both taught that just as a man’s body without food is malnourished, so every man’s soul is malnourished without the Word of the Lord.

An engine needs refueled.
A battery needs recharged.
The shelves of a store need restocked.
Likewise, a man needs to replenish what he depletes in himself while he fulfills his purpose in life.

Maintaining contentment becomes more difficult as material possessions increase.

Do not entertain the concept that your view of life and your understanding of origin, purpose and destiny do not affect your behavior and interaction with others.

Make the most of every opportunity by being pleasant, encouraging and fun.

Knowing that seeds become trees, it is an awesome realization to finally understand that our thoughts, words and actions are seeds themselves.

Your life is your message. Your daily walk is your sermon.

Show the quality of exceptionalism in your life by working hard, listening to others when they speak, keeping your promise, giving more than you take, serving in a ministry, fearlessly following the calling of you r heart and doing good.

Write down a vision or live life in vanity.

Sailors do not row across the ocean nor do they merely trust the wind to randomly blow them to their desired destination. In order to cross the great sea a good sailor must make efforts to harness the greater power of the wind.

Passion fuels the dream.

Natural talents like natural shrubs and trees need to be tended by an attentive gardener. I would suggest that if the natural talents are yours, then you need to be the attentive gardener. No one is impressed with over grown foliage and unmowed yards. So, mow your yard, trim your shrubs and develop your natural talents.

Be friendly. Risk rejection and reach out to someone.

The desire to change is the beginning of making that change.

Persistence has proven to be important in prayer, business, relationships, ministry, athletics and any endeavor that results in success.

Sometimes the best answer is to simply listen to the question. If you don’t have the answer, you can at least share the desire to know.

Season grace and truth with joy and perspective.

Creating and criticizing are opposites. So, when you experience the desire to be negative and critical, choose instead to be creative and productive.

What you say is what you think. How you speak is who you are. Your voice is the image of your soul.

Paul told Timothy to be content with what he had but he told the Philippians he himself was pressing on because he was not content with who he was or what he had accomplished. So, an adequate amount of possessions can be attained, but we should never be satisfied with our level of personal development or accomplishment.

Prepare and practice before every performance.

Pray for others what you pray for yourself.

Encouraging and motivating a student is as important as teaching and training a student.

When you are with someone with more experience and greater intelligence, you should listen in order to improve instead of speak in an attempt to impress.

Learning most often begins with a question.

Often the difference between success and failure is either recognizing the opportunity or ignoring the opportunity.

Accepting responsibility is similar to seizing power.

Victory can only go to a player who is in the game, and most often it will go to the player who is playing aggressively in the game.

Help people smile. Make them feel good. Refresh them with laughter.

Love never fails and truth always wins. Until then we are simply waiting for the results to be turned in.

Do not manipulate justice.

Being able to forget is as great a skill as being able to remember.

Live in such a way that when men challenge your theology or question your interpretation of Scripture, they will still agree with your lifestyle and admire your application of what you believe.

Make it easy for people to trust you.

You can learn information, but you must experience wisdom.

Lack of knowledge and inexperience are both sources of confidence. This is a false confidence that is dangerous, but confidence none the less.

Application of truth leads to a greater understanding of that truth. Thus, he who has will be given more.

Losing is an advantage if it increases your focus and your learning.

You learn to fry eggs by frying eggs….you learn to do it right by frying and eating them.

What you love is as important as what you know.

Escape the feeling of being overwhelmed by doing something to at least move towards the end instead of merely staring motionless at the beginning.

The dynamics of any situation or relationship are effected anytime you pray about that situation or relationship.

Your bad attitude can misrepresent your insight as criticism and redirect attention away from your ability to contribute.

There is a time to remember and learn. There is a time to forget and let go.

Know the difference between enjoying the moment and living for the moment.

God knows –
·         The situation you are facing
·         The answer you are seeking
·         The past you are leaving
·         The needs you are lacking
·         The future you are entering
·         The ministry you are completing
·         The people you are loving
God knows, so ask him for help, direction, clarity, provision, protection, ability, opportunity and compassion.

Don’t waste time on the past or effort on unchangeable forces.

The fact that Jesus came back from the dead pretty much solidifies the fact that as followers of him we will eventually overcome everything else.

Your words and deeds today are seeds that will produce fruitful results tomorrow.

Pressure reveals weaknesses. But, weaknesses can be corrected and strengthened. Use pressure as an advantage.

Opportunities can be completely missed or totally exploited.

It is easier to find God when you are looking for him.

Things can always be better, but as a believer in Jesus Christ nothing can remove our reason for ultimately being thankful.

Try enjoying what you have instead of striving to get something else. Realize that even if you have all that you need and all that you want there will always be something to chase and distract you from contentment. Learn to stop. Learn to enjoy what you have and who you are.

You can avoid stress by lowering your unnecessary expectations and turning away from things and people that do not matter.

Find your place in life. Embrace it. Excel at it. Enjoy it.

The backpack of our life can get too full and too heavy with things we collect in an attempt to make ourselves happy. But, instead the weight of this backpack makes us miserable as we try to carry it every day.

A good steward needs to invest thought and time into their oversight.

Establish a goal. Identify it as the target towards which your planning, training and effort moves towards.

Nothing makes more progress towards a goal than forces such as passion and love. To experience the energy of life allow these forces to fuel a part of each day.

Since as a believer in Jesus Christ you have a supernatural life source, you should be manifesting some exceptional personal character qualities every day.

The brightest light is brightest at its source. Likewise, your character should be greatest at home and among those you work with each day.

The greatest life is the life that makes the greatest sacrifice serving other lives.

Who you really are will eventually be known. What you hide will ultimately be revealed. Live accordingly.

Do not try to conceal self-centered desires with language camouflaged with God-centered lingo. This camouflage of language will be made transparent when the results of your actions expose the motives of your heart.

Your priorities determine how you spend your time and energy. Or, said another way, your time and energy reveal your priorities.

Galyn Wiemers Generation Word