Monday, March 31, 2014

Coaches Corner for April

1. Instead of patient, deliberate reflection, there are times where swift, decisive action wins the day.
2. Great ball players know how and when to let the game come to them instead of trying to control every situation. The same can be said about the Christian life. Do what’s right, obey the truth and let God’s will come to you. Then, when you have the shot, take it! When you get the pitch, drive it deep!
3. The convictions of our conscience may also convict the conscience of others if these convictions are observable in our own life as the fruits of truth and power.
4. Self-centeredness makes a man socially unbearable. Self-awareness enables a man to function at a socially acceptable level.
5. No tool or machine has ever been created without first there being a reason to create it. Every tool has a purpose. Ignorance of that purpose does not change the fact that originally the creator had a purpose for the tool.
6. There is physical strength and then there is moral strength. Moral strength is what makes a strong man great.
7. A clear conscience is not the same thing as knowing or doing God’s will. A clear conscience may indicate ignorance of truth and the lack of knowledge of right and wrong.
8. When pressured by life or overwhelmed with problems, focus on the issues instead of being distracted by people and personalities. In other words, argue to resolve the problem, not to attack the person.
9.  Don’t neglect to live a godly life while you seek God’s perfect will for your life.
10. A conflict with another person does not need to destroy the relationship. In fact, when conflict is handled responsibly relationships can be strengthened and made deeper.
11.  Avoid the failure of your plans by picking up the pace just like you increase pedaling to stay balance on a bike
12. Nothing is more defeating to the Christian than to fake spirituality. Instead, be genuine, and focus on growth and honest behavior.
13.  Our shakable, temporal world has many purposes, but one primary service it provides is to convince us not to depend on today or to trust our natural possessions. Our ever changing physical existence leaves us no other hope than to look for and live for our eternal home.
14.  Falsehood, deception and lies always complicate the future.
15.  The world may disregard what God values, but this disrespect is offset by the fact that in a similar way God is not concerned with the world’s opinion.
16.    Never blame the bad teacher. You can always rise above because Truth is independent of education since education is not limited to a system, a classroom or an individual teacher. Education is ultimately the responsibility of the student.
17.  Do not try to get from people what only God can give you.
18.  The question is not, “Do you have gifts, abilities or strengths?” Neither is it the question, “Are you using them?” Because, you are using your strengths and abilities already. The question is, “How are you already using them” and “What is your motivation for how you are using them?”
19. Do more than you were asked. Give more than is required. In this you demonstrate your freedom and ability to serve.
20. Only in eternity is our expectation of a future joy greater than we anticipate. In fact, the future joy of eternity is beyond today’s comprehension.
21. When you judge others, first reflect your expectations on yourself by judging your own character and your own performance.
22. Sometimes the biggest change comes from the simple decisions and the smallest adjustments. Make the simple, necessary changes today and create a different tomorrow.
23. Find someone who likes to listen to you read aloud.
24. Consistency yields the greatest results.
25. Great deeds, notable works and historic performances are not limited to a particular age group. Great people from all age groups have achieved great things.
26. In the end the Lord will judge and evaluate you without considering public opinion and how people felt about you.
27. One way to avoid saying something you will regret is to avoid speaking.
28. Failure isn't the end unless you quit.
29. Organization frees your soul, makes your thoughts clear and looks appealing to the natural eye.
30. There are times when the best thing to do is laugh loudly and times it is best to weep. Do not avoid them when it is the right time.
31. You do not have to do what people want. It is OK to say “no” and to walk the other way.
32. People often use flattery and pleasant compliments as keys to unlock the treasures of your soul.
33. Every day you should sing, read, laugh and pray just like you should sleep and eat.
34. Excellence is not a synonym of perfection. Seek excellence, not perfection. Accomplish the mission without being distracted by impossible expectations.
35. Consider this: Could you be the answer for the prayer you have just prayed? Do you have the resources or the ability to do what you just asked God to do?
36. An honest look at your life will indicate the truth of the words, “With the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” If you disagree, then just give it more time. It will be your experience.
37. Humor is to life what a spoon full of sugar is to medicine.
38. Pour your life into someone today. Be sure your legacy doesn’t end with you, but continues through the lives of others who will themselves impact others.
39. Never expect people or institutions to give you anything other than an opportunity. If they refuse to give you an opportunity then move on without looking back and create your own.
40. A true man sets aside his desires and goals to serve those who have been entrusted to his care. A true man is selfless like his Lord Jesus, not selfish like his sin nature.
41. Christianity is fulfilled in a life of action. We prepare our minds for action, not debate or theological speculation. In the end you will be judged for what you did, not how you felt, what you thought or whose opinion you defended. How did what you believe change you, your world and history.
42. Sometimes the best you can do is keep living and doing what is right knowing we will understand the reason and the purpose later.
43. Feeling discouraged and hopeless is not a sin, but if you do not offset these emotions with confidence and faith they can lead to sin. 
44. Do the forces of darkness and the people who are evil fear your prayers? Do you believe in the influence of your prayers? Live like a believer and believe your prayer life is powerful and effective.
45. There is no success without a price. Either you are presently paying the price for some future success, or you or someone else paid for your present success in the past.
46. Renewing your mind to God’s Truth and being conformed into the image of his son will require that a large portion of your time and thoughts be spent on that task.
47. Great men are remembered in movies and books, but not committees and boards.
48. Daydreams in the mind of a man of action become the plans for that man’s successful endeavors.
49. Every institution and society values conformity. Men who think, question, plan, create and act are often despised and rejected.
50. Sometimes restoring the balance in life begins by simply recognizing and thanking your creator.
51. Finishing the game is as important as training for the competition
52. Treat others with grace whenever you have a chance.
53. The determined and persistent man becomes stubborn and unreasonable when separated from wisdom.
54. Do not vilify those you love. Do not cast blame on those who trust you to love them.
55. Some of the faults we identify in others are only faults because of our own weaknesses. So, these are not their faults but ours.
56. Love and grace are necessary for God to maintain a relationship with us. Love and grace are also necessary for us to maintain a relationship with other people.
57. Guilt is a weight you should avoid or deal with as soon as possible.
58. Be sure to give more than you take…in relationships…with wealth…at work…and, always at potlucks.
59. Smile, talk nice and do your job.
60. Have enough power to identify your negative thoughts, then have enough freedom to dismiss them and walk away.

Galyn Wiemers Generation Word