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Geroge Barna on Remnants

From 11/8/09 -
The question and answer below was taken from an interview with George Barna concerning his 2009 book "The Seven Faith Tribes":

Question for Geroge Barna:
With the Casual and Captive Christian tribes cumulatively reflecting more than 80% of the adult population, do non-Christian tribes have any real hope of influencing the nation if those two tribes concur on a matter?

Barna: One of the beauties of living in a democratic republic is that everyone has a chance to influence the development of the nation. A group that is small in numbers but has big ideas and internal unity can have amazing success at shaping the will of the public. We have repeatedly experienced this in recent decades. The sexual revolution of the sixties was driven by a minority. The establishment of equal rights for blacks was accomplished by a tiny minority. The movement toward gay rights is being driven by a segment that is just 3% of the population. The urgency and intensity required to introduce seminal change is often accessible only to tightly-knit, manageable, finely focused bands of vision-driven comrades – what the Bible refers to as a remnant.

Galyn' comment:It is ridiculous that the Christian's have let themselves fall away from God. As a result the nation has lost direction. My generation inherited a Christian culture that was more than 80% Christian. If American history were divided into four quarters and compared to a basketball game, then we are the players on the floor for the fourth quarter. We took the floor in a blow out game ahead 90-10 with 8 minutes to go. In a matter of moments we have managed to blow an 80 point lead. Point: We are emotionally and intellectually (but, not numerically) the remnant now. But, historically smaller remnants than us have turned the tide for the nation. We can make a difference: 1) if we care, 2) if we are not driven by selfishness, 3) if we educate ourselves in areas such as history, worldviews, culture, constitutional government, etc. and our specific areas of influence. The Truth will set you free.

Galyn Wiemers

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