Sunday, March 28, 2010

Iowa Christian Alliance

From 10/4/09 -
I have given up on the Republican Party ever being able to represent Christian values and Constitutional principles. At the national level I figure that is probably still true. But, last night at the Iowa Christian Alliance meeting I heard bold testimony, powerful conviction and strong words concerning biblical values and Constitutional integrity. Ralph Reed and David Barton both spoke of American Exceptionalism that comes from America's original commitment to living and governing according to God's natural and revealed laws. There were good presentations from candidates running for governor. I know at my level, or the grass roots level, here in Iowa people are tired of "change" and want a restoration to Constitutional government and a revival to biblical standards. Maybe we can begin to restore some Truth into a political party that I had given up for spiritually dead.

Senator Grassley spoke of his personal faith in Jesus Christ and mentioned how difficult it was in the Washington DC area for the Christian faith to be taken serious. Ralph Reed clearly presented the case that the principles of Christianity are the pillars of our society. David Barton applied the founding father's words and the Constitution to Iowa's issues of marriage and abortion.

We, the people, need to know the truth and let our leaders know that we expect nothing but adherence to the truth 100% of the time. We agree with what Steve Deace has been sending out every afternoon on WHO: it is time to reject the 80-20 principle. Accepting a little bit of evil instead of a lot of evil is still not goodness. It is similar to calling a little bit of darkness light because it could be darker. Darkness is still dark no matter how much darker it could be and evil is still evil no matter how much more evil it could be.

I shook hands with Senator Grassley and do appreciate him commenting on my book "Framework for Christian Faith" and allowing me to put his name on the back cover.

Revival of our politics begins in Iowa. We are witnessing historical and biblical movements in our society and in our world. Know the truth and be ready!

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