Monday, September 6, 2010

Email from Temale - Northern Region, Ghana

Generation Word received this email last week concerning the "Framework" books we have sent to Ghana. We will be shipping more this week.

Greetings in the name of our lord Jesus Christ who cares for us. How are you ? I hope by the grace of God you are doing fine as I am doing here in Ghana. First of all thanks to Rev. Abdulai Baba. I am the Wife of the Pastor Addey Daniel of Revelation Of Truth Ministries in Amamsaman-Accra. Already I just came to Ofankor Bible college to improve upon my calling to serve and assist my husband spiritually since our church is situated in a difficult village. It is very difficult to get access to quality materials to read, especially Study Bibles and even ordinary Bible to distribute to church members. This makes it very hard to
win souls for christ, but i hope with this gift I will be able to impact much upon my spiritual life in Christ, since my aim alway is to organize the youth, the women teaching them the ways of the Lord and keeping them together to make sure the keep to the word of God.

After using your Books for a couple weeks I can say it the best comprehensive teaching Book I have ever read, and I am very happy and want to say thanks to your ministry Generation Word and Rev. Abdulai Baba for helping our ministry to reiceve one Box of your Books to support our church leaders. Thank You So Much.
Revelation of Christ Ministries Temale- Northern Rigion

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