Saturday, December 3, 2011

23 Days of Psalm 119 Until Christmas 2011

We will be posting a blog about Psalm 119 every day (22 days plus today = 23 days) until Christmas. The 176 verses of Psalm 119 are divided into twenty-two groups of eight verses each (22 x 8 = 176). The twenty-two groups, or strophes, are each headed with one of the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet and every one of the eight verses in each strophe begins with the same Hebrew letter. For example, the strophe consisting of verses 1-8 are headed with the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, aleph, and each of those eight verses begins with aleph.

Every Hebrew letter is a symbol representing a picture, and the name of each letter has a meaning corresponding to the ancient image it models. There are ten synonyms used to refer to the Word of God – the revelation of Truth that God has given to man – in this Psalm. These ten words are:

  1. Law (torah) – used 25 times; means direction or instruction
  2. Word (dabar) – used 20 times; is a general term for God’s revelation
  3. Promise (’imrah) – used 19 times; used to capture the lure of the Word
  4. Commands (miswah) – used 21 times; indicates the absolute nature of God’s Word
  5. Decrees (huqqim) – used 21 times; “things inscribed” such as recorded law
  6. Laws (mispot) – used 19 times; means a binding law
  7. Precepts (piqqudim) – used 21 times; refers to a legal order to do or not do something
  8. Statutes (‘edah) – used 22 times; a declaration of God’s will which becomes conduct
  9. Way (derek) – used 11 times; refers to walking in God’s Word in life
  10. Path (’orah) – used 5 times; also refers to walking in God’s Word

The writer of this Psalm describes several conflicts he faces because of his commitment to the Word of God and his desire to follow the Word of God:

  1. The need for steadfastness to walk in God’s ways
  2. Inner sinful desires
  3. Persecution by officials
  4. Mocking by men
  5. Pressure to forsake his commitment

Now, we have 22 days until Christmas, and we will study one Hebrew letter and its 8 verses from Psalm 119 every day until Christmas.

Galyn Wiemers
Generation Word

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