Monday, December 19, 2011

Obedience to Word Requires Understanding of Word - Ayin - Psalm 119:121-128

Ayin (Verses 121-128)

The letter ayin was made to resemble a pair of eyes or a fountain. The reference is to a means of expression, such as how the eyes are a fountain of the body that express sorrow or pain. The eyes that see represent understanding, which is necessary for obedience. The eyes anticipate obedience.
121 I have done what is righteous and just;
     do not leave me to my oppressors.
122 Ensure your servant’s well-being;
     do not let the arrogant oppress me.
123 My eyes fail, looking for your salvation,
     looking for your righteous promise.
124 Deal with your servant according to your love
     and teach me your decrees.
125 I am your servant; give me discernment
     that I may understand your statutes.
126 It is time for you to act, Lord;
     your law is being broken.
127 Because I love your commands
     more than gold, more than pure gold,
128 and because I consider all your precepts right,
     I hate every wrong path.
In this strophe, the psalmist is praying for discernment so he can understand the Word (125), and he asks for a revelation of the Truth, so that he will be able to live in obedience to it. In fact, he makes a point of telling God, it is “time for you to act” (126), because he realizes that it is due to his lack of understanding that he breaks the law of God. The psalmist waits for this teaching, and continues to ask for even
more understanding and discernment in order to improve his level of obedience. Since the psalmist has lived in obedience to the Word of God to the best of his ability (121), he confidently anticipates God’s help in this regard.

Deliverance is based on obedience, and obedience requires teaching and understanding. The psalmist knows that his inability to see or understanding the Word of God is causing him to be oppressed.

Galyn Wiemers
Generation Word


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