Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Word is Established Forever - Qoph - Psalm 119:145-152

Qoph (Verses 145-152)

The letter qoph is a symbol of an axe or the back of the head and refers to “coming around”, as in a circle of space (such as the motion created by the swing of an axe) or “a space of time”. It can also refer to the back of one’s mind.
145 I call with all my heart; answer me, Lord,
     and I will obey your decrees.
146 I call out to you; save me
     and I will keep your statutes.
147 I rise before dawn and cry for help;
     I have put my hope in your word.
148 My eyes stay open through the watches of the night,
     that I may meditate on your promises.
149 Hear my voice in accordance with your love;
    preserve my life, Lord, according to your laws.
150 Those who devise wicked schemes are near,
     but they are far from your law.
151 Yet you are near, Lord,
     and all your commands are true.
152 Long ago I learned from your statutes
     that you established them to last forever.
The psalmist compares the Word of God to the full circle of time represented by the Hebrew letter qoph in verse 152 when he says, “Long ago I learned from your statues, that you established them to last forever.” Since the psalmist had “learned…long ago” that the Word of God was eternal, he was able to develop a lifestyle that included:
1. Calling on God with all his heart (145)
2. Rising before dawn to cry for help (147)
3. Meditating on the Word throughout the night (148)

While the psalmist spends his life committed to the Word of God, there are others near him who are far from it. These people spend their time devising evil schemes and laws based on worldly philosophies and human opinion (150). However, in the long run, when life and history have come full circle, the Word of God will prove true (152).

Galyn Wiemers
Generation Word

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Very nice, thanks you. It perfectly describes my own encounter with God one night. - Bryan